Saturday, March 1, 2008

Who's next?

So I also still LOVE my job with every fiber of my being (that phrase is just too awesome to pass up) and my favorite patient of the week goes to.....BROTHER KEVIN! Ya guys, Kevin came in the other week to get his lil buckers cleaned and examined by me. It was really fun. He did pretty well and everyone kept saying how cute he was and kept pinching his little cheeks. What? Anyway, work is fantastic and I am REALLY blessed to have such a great opportunity to work so much and to work with such amazing doctors and staff. No complaints what-so-ever :) We have a ton of fun and everyone also works really hard and is great at what they do. Glassett Dental ROCKS! Ha ha ha. Ok. enough of that. But before I go I just wanted to show you what I do at work so I did a little before/after picture. I don't think Kevin wanted me to show you these pictures so just try not to mention in to him. I guess he's a little sensitive about it.

Kevin Before

Kevin After
(You can see how after I cleaned them it opened up some room for us to really explore some options for better piercing cuspids. I think he will find tearing meat much easier now)

Booze Cruise

---or the lack thereof. Ya so i also went on a cruise at the end of January and it was pretty fun. I went with 300 other single mormon people so i'm pretty sure Carnival hated us because we nearly ran the bars and the gambling tables out of business...but whoo-wee you should see how a bunch of mormons get down to cotton-eyed joe and the electric slide! Look out! Now its a party ship!!! No it really was a pretty good time though. I met a couple people that are pretty normal and with whom I actually hang out with now. We went to Puerto Rico (which of course means "Rrrrich Port"-said with accent by our tour guide 86 times during the tour...wait...does anyone know what Puerto Rico actually means? I think our guide knows) St. Maarten, and St. Thomas. We went snorkeling at St John's Trunk Bay and zip lining through the forest at Lotteri Farm for some of our shore excursions. Snorkeling was definetly my favorite day....or maybe it was the ridiculously handsome ship mate that took us? I can't remember. It's all a little hazey after I almost threw myself overboard because I was getting so sea sick on the ride over to Trunk Bay. I was doing just fine...until I wasn't doing fine anymore. So I got up to head to the back of the lil boat and who should appear in my path? Captain Tan Body. "Are you ok?" says Tan Body "Uh...where would you go if you needed to throw up?" "Here, you come with me." So as Tan Body throws his arm around my waist and escorts me to the back, I have no choice but to throw my arm around his...I HAD NO CHOICE!!! I WAS SICK! I NEEDED HELP!!! I NEEDED SUPPORT! Suddenly, the lump in my throat was dissipating, the merry-go-round in my belly coming to a halt, my dizzy head was clearing, the salty air filled my nostrils and I was on my way to a full recovery. Then The Capin' fetched me a chair and a cool ginger ale and told me he would check back to make sure I was doing ok. He was very kindly to me and took gentle care until i was ready to depart for snorkeling fun. Snorkeling was a blast and I really could have stayed out there drinking salt water and getting sand in my eyes all day but the Captain was awaiting...ha ha no but really he was dreamy; he was a dreamy dream cake. He came over and chatted with me on the boat ride back to the dock for a while and then we parted ways....if only I would have had 5 days instead of 5 hours I think somethin really nice might have blossomed...I guess we'll never know...